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In 1976 Nadejda Savova graduates the National Academy of Arts „Nikolay Pavlovich“, Sofia, in fine painting discipline, in the class of professor Svetlin Rusev. After graduating she works for 14 years in Cartoon Studio Sofia - film centre Boyana. She's taken part in more than 80 films as animator, producer-painter, director. Her author's flms are: „Lucky Man“, ”Croak-croak”, ”The Flea”, ”The Dream of the Mischievous chield”. She's a chief animator in ”The Adventures of the Stork Choko and the Frog Boko“ and co-animator in 2 of the series. She made the decors for the summer sundman - „Good night, children“. She is a chief-animator in ”The Treasure planet” - the first bulgarian full-lenght cartoon movie. She has made more than 20 author's painted commercials for Central Cooperative Union, broadcasted on Bulgarian National Television. She has worked on a fee for Bulgarian National Television, Specter Studio, Vreme Studio. She is the founder of Creative Studio and Advertising Agency ANIMA ART, where she made lots of TV spots, using live video, cartoon and 3D animation. Together with her colleagues from Anima Art she is a winner of many awards in Advertisiment Expo – the first Bulgarian advertisiment expositon.

She carries in her heart the idea - LET'S MAKE THIS WORLD BETTER AND MORE BEAUTIFUL!

In the field of fine arts she makes painting, wall-painting, graphics, illustration, caricature, small plastic arts, ceramics. Her caricatures are published in different wallpapers and magazines. 7 wall-paintings in a kindergarten in Sofia (Zone B-5 district) and in „Xilifor“ side /recreational and touristic base of „Energomontazh“/ Veliko Tarnovo city. Her works are owned by many private collectors.